Reisbalans – From September 2013 until August 2015 I’ve been helping Workaway to improve and expand their Reisbalans app. The app, together with the web app, enormously simplifies the administration of business trips and commuting.

Hit it! The drumpad looper – Making an awesome beat just got easy with this virtual drum pad. Designed from the ground up to be as responsive as possible, it allows you to record a rhythm, play it in a loop, and expand it into a complex and engaging beat with surprisingly little effort or even talent! This Android app is the product of a collaboration between Alex de Landgraaf and me.

Listing it! – This Android app takes all your lists to a whole new level. Or several actually. It allows each item in a list to become a list of its own, allowing you to nest lists and put them all in one easy-to-navigate hierarchy. It comes with a powerful option to add your existing lists in one go. Once you start using it, you may just find it’s what you’ve been missing to get organized. This really is one list app to rule them all.

Capability Online – This online competence management system allows employees to record their progress and build an online portfoli. Employers use it to effectively keep track of who is able to do what. This unique platform was launched over two years ago and has been growing ever since. I’ve helped build it since 2011, allowing me to hone my Python+Django skills.

Text compare! – This may very well be the most popular online tool for finding the differences between two texts. As of this writing, It certainly comes out #1 when googling for “compare text” and it helps out thousands of unique visitors a day. I created this web application several years ago because I couldn’t find one that I thought was good enough for my needs. It’s built using Python+Django.

Quinity Insurance Solution (QIS) – This web application is steadily and surely becoming the most widely used all-in-one software solution by insurance companies in the Netherlands and in the EU, boasting large clients such as Aegon, Reaal, UnivĂ©, Arag, London Verzekeringen and Unigarant. During my 4 years on Quinity’s payroll I’ve done my part to help make this web application what is it today. QIS was built using JAVA+JSP technology.

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